Arhiv / 19. 2. 2019

Call for volunteers (ESC)

Youth centre Domžale si looking for 12 volunteers for group project Youth for Youth. The aim of the project is to design activities for street work and implement them in the local environment. At the same time we would like to promote Youth Centre in local environment and invite youngsters to join some of centre’s programme.

The programme is following:

1st week: arrival, getting to know each other, getting to know Domžale and youth centre, team building, introduction into youth work and street based youth work
2nd week: more trainings on street based youth work, preparation of street activities, preparation of intercultural evening in youth centre Domžale
3rd week: street activities in Domžale 4th week: street activities in Domžale, preparation of booklet of street activities
5th week: event in youth centre, finishing of booklet, final evaluation

You can read more about the project in Infopack. If you are interested in the project, please send us CV, motivation letter and questionary to Deadline for application in 6th of March 2019.




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