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European solidarity corpse volunteering teams opportunity in Domžale, Slovenia

June 20th – July 22nd 2022

Youth Centre Domžale is looking for 12 volunteers, aged between 18 and 30 years, to be a part of ‘’Use to reuse’’ project where they will build their creativity, learn to work in teams and help make a difference in the local environment by reusing materials and help our environment.

We are looking for volunteers, who are motivated to work with others to accomplish collective goals, are creative, prepared to do some physical work and care for the environment. You will create new things we can use from old furniture, clothes, jewellery etc. You will use it and reuse it to make it useful again. Volunteering hours will add up to 35 hours per week. Activities will be diverse and a good learning opportunity for volunteers.

Volunteers will have the opportunity to meet other volunteers included in the project and connect with local youth.


The responsibilities of volunteers will be:

  • Collecting and designing DIY ideas and making them happen.
  • Collecting old and used material, renovating it and make it usable again.
  • Designing and renovating one room in the youth centre with the help of local youngsters, by using furniture and other things renovated beforehand.
  • Taking part in the training held by the centre for reusing.
  • Promoting the project and the youth centre in local environment.
  • Preparing their own activities/projects, which will depend on the interest of the volunteers.
  • Working with graphic design (knowledge of the graphic programmes is not necessary).
  • Promotion of international programmes in the local environment.
  • Promotion of the programme of the youth centre (taking photos, making posters etc.)
  • Working and collaborating with 11 other volunteers included in the project.
  • Promotion of volunteer’s culture.


We are looking for a volunteer who are:

  • fluent in English
  • prepared to collect some creative ideas on how to reuse old things, put them to work and make them happen,
  • flexible in working hours (35 hours per week, mornings and afternoons, occasionally also weekends),
  • prepared to do some physical work,
  • would like to spend time with local youth and other participants.


Youth Centre Domžale is located in a town of Domžale in central Slovenia. The principal aims of Youth Centre Domžale are to provide support for youth, to give them opportunities to spend their time wisely and to encourage them to get actively involved in a society on a local, national and international level. Main target groups are young people, aged 15-30.