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EVS – Življenjska izkušnja

Verjetno ste že slišali, da se je ekipi CZM v marcu pridružila EVS prostovoljka iz Estonije Liisi. Z vami bo delila svoje izkušnje, ki jih bomo objavljali na naši spletni strani. V prvem prispevku je strnila vtise po le nekaj dneh v Sloveniji. Kaj mislite, da je bil vzrok, da se je odločila za to življenjsko izkušnjo?

EVS- an experience of a lifetime

I had never really considered doing an EVS (European voluntary service), but sometimes things just fall into place. In the fall of 2017 I suddenly realized that I had been studying for 15 years straight and I felt like I needed a break, but I didn’t really have any alternative options so I just continued on with my studies, although a bit unmotivated and tired.

When I went to university in 2015 to study youth work, I started participating in some international Erasmus+ projects and from there I got some knowledge and interest in other cultures and international opportunities, such as the EVS. From these projects I also got the acquaintances, who, in the end of 2017, offered me a position as a volunteer in the Domžale youth centre. It was an offer that I, due to the right time and right conditions, couldn’t refuse. It was a truly needed break from my studies and furthermore, it was an opportunity to practice and get new experiences in the field I am studying.

So, I finished up my semester in Estonia and started preparing for a nine-month-long adventure in Slovenia. In this time between deciding to come here and arriving here, I think I experienced every possible emotion: I was excited for all the new experiences and new people, I was scared that maybe I couldn’t handle living and working in another country, I was glad that I have this wonderful opportunity and I was sad to leave all my friends and family behind. But as strangely as it sounds, it got easier and easier the closer it got to leaving. In the end I was just ready to go and to take on all the new experiences and adventures.

Since arriving here, I have slowly adapted with the new environment and everything else. I have been here for 6 days and for now it seems like a great holiday, like a good alternation for my regular life. I have met a lot of new people and slowly got to know the city and the youth centre. I am grateful to all the people who have welcomed me so generously and helped me with everything. Adapting to a new city and country is always hard – I don’t speak the language, I don’t know where things are located and I don’t know many people here. Fortunately, I have people, who support me and help me, and that makes the experience much more enjoyable.

I don’t know, what the future brings, but right now, I am really glad I took a chance on this courageous adventure and I hope I will have the courage and will to experience as many new things and get as much knowledge as possible, because although nine months seems like a long time right now, I know, that it will be over before I know it.

by Liisi

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